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Aurora Projector- HippieThemes
Aurora Projector- HippieThemes
Aurora Projector- HippieThemes
Aurora Projector- HippieThemes

Golden Floral Bohemia Mandala Wall Tapestry

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Peer into the unbounded beauty that this mandala holds as if you are staring into the sky illuminated by the stars. An endless universe on the other side.

There is definitely something to be said about the many lavish designs. Every tapestry is unique in its own way. Each one telling a different story. Some mandalas are simple while others are intricate and definitely a sight to see.

The reason that each mandala is so unique is not only because the design, but because of the person observing the mandala as well. Every person man interpret any mandala; truly making it a great experience.

How does the tapestry say to you?

  • About this Tapestry

     -Tear resistant: The fabric used is a high quality blend that will ensure its

     -Vibrant: Follow the easy wash instructions to ensure your tapestry stays as vibrant as it was from day one.

     -High quality: You don't find tapestries everyday like these anymore.

     -Made for more than just putting it on your wall: Just to give you some ideas, 
bedspread, sofa throw, curtain, table cloth, etc...

  • 100% Quality Guarantee

Every Tapestry that leaves our warehouse is guaranteed to be made of only high 
quality stitching that will last years and years to come! That is our promise to you.

It is very important to our team and business to provide our customers a positive and safe transaction. When you shop with us we can guarantee the most premium service from a team who truly cares.

  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • 30 Day Return No Questions Money Back Guarantee